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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Next : Crichton is Back!

Michael Crichton doesn't shy away from controversy. He doesn't have to. And he certainly doesn't have to satisfy any particular constituency. In State of Fear, Crichton offended environmentalists, leftists, and hysterics of all sorts.

Next, his latest novel, may also be his best. Writing about the biotech revolution, Crichton leaps into the fray without fear or restraint. Next is part techno-thriller, part cautionary tale, and pure entertainment. The biggest problem with Next is that it requires an IQ high enough to keep track of several simultaneous plot threads at one time. Some people may need to wait for the movie and hope the script gets dumbed down significantly.

Funny thing about the leftist mediocrities who run university language departments and most media and publishing outlets. They're too stupid to take something at face value. They have to ask first, "who wrote it"? If the answer is "Michael Crichton", well they're in no mood to forgive him for "State of Fear." Read the reviews at to see what I mean.

Crichton is intelligent, urbane, talented, and a general all around heretic--in other words, a man after my own heart. I was disappointed in the book "Prey," about the dangers of nanotechnology. It wasn't credible enough, to anyone who has been trained in actual survival situations. Although I sympathized with Crichton's message in "State of Fear", and enjoyed the greater part of the book, I felt the ending of that book simply collapsed. "Next" is a much better-written book, and places Crichton back in the category of "players at the top of their game."

Next : Crichton is Back!
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